Lapdance Course


Here it is!

Right on time before Valentine but also a great gift for yourself for any birthdays, anniversaries, and fun dates surprises.

In this course you can find following:

  1. Lapdance with a Chair Moves Tutorial (also available on my youtube)
  2. Lapdance on the Couch Moves Tutorial
  3. Lapdance Moves on the Floor Tutorial

And 3 choreographies tutorials to the following songs:

  1. Lapdance on a Chair – Pony by Genuwine
  2. Lapdance on the Couch – Under the Influence by Chris Brown
  3. Lapdance on the Floor – Down On Me by 50 Cent

You will receive an email with the link to video part 1. In the description of the first part of the course, you can find links to remaining parts  (Check your spam folder)

If you have any questions, please send me an email:

Thanks for supporting and don’t forget to tag me: @nicole.cole.dancer.

Lots of love.


Lapdance Course

Nicole Cole