Welcome to my website
My name is Nicole. I am born in Poland, living in Amsterdam. I am a professional dancer, passionate dance teacher and a self-confidence coach.
Dancing and teaching have been my lifelong passions. I started dancing when I was 4 years old and my journey with teaching dance class began when I was 16.
Throughout the years, I have learned that teaching dancing has way more power than just helping people how to move their bodies. It goes way beyond the physical aspect. Dancing is a form of therapy, a way to reset your mindset and clear your mind. Over the years, I noticed how much my class boosts women’s self-esteem and since then I decided to focus more on this facet and incorporate it in my teaching.

My dance journey
My first love was acrobatics which I started when I was 4 years old. I competed in female duos and trios. I did it till I was 12 and then due to a heavy wrist injury, I stopped. I joined a cheerleading group and a semi professional modern jazz group, where I got the opportunity to work on my classical training, perform and participate in various competitions. From then I grew as a dancer and explored various dance styles such as heels, dancehall, twerk, and pole dance. For the last 6 years heels and pole dance became my favourites as they allow me to be sensual and feminine but at the same time I can connect with my roots and incorporate my gymnastics and classical background.