Like many women my age I have been through (few) break ups and even though and for many of us heartbreak is one of the worst things on this planet. For the past few years I have been reflecting a lot. I have been thinking about things I do and reason behind it, I started learning myself and having my heartbroken was one of the greatest opportunities to practice all those things.

I am not promising you a recipe to make going through heartbreak easier but I can share with you what I think is best to do and based on my experience what I’d try to do if someone breaks my heart again. Try, because some of those things are hard to do. I know that this is best thing (for me at least) but when you are sad and broken hearted your senses are pretty twisted and you might have issues with thinking straight. Why?

Its been proven that going through break up is similar to being on rehab from heavy drugs.

Therefore you should not be angry with yourself and blaming yourself for feeling like shit and going crazy. You have to understand though that if one party decided to end the relationship, there is a reason and especially when the other person doesn’t want to work on fixing the relationship you have to treat your heartbreak like a disease, get ready and accept the process of recovery.

I also think all break ups are different and I think my tips (again, based on my experience) are for the ones that got out of relationship and there is no way to go back. Either way because of the circumstances you cannot come back or because the other person does not want to , or the relationship has been too draining and toxic for both of you.  

Either the case, once you break up, you (or maybe just me) start lacking affection. This is one of the symptoms of the drug kick off. Feeling loved and affection is like being high on drugs. Amazing. When you are rejected or feeling lonely you start losing your senses and all you can think of is how much you want to have that feeling of feeling loved again. You don’t care anymore how much your ex hurt you or that you just cannot be together you just want love. From anyone really but because your ex is the safest and shortest way to get it this one last time (you’d think) you want to call him or text him.

Well… DONT.