Hi there ! 

So I have been thinking about it for a while and it is finally a reality. 

I am going to write a blog where I am going to share my thoughts, experiences and everything else. The reason why I decided to write a blog and keep it public is because first of all,  it makes me happy when my experience and lessons I have learnt help, inspire, comfort etc. others but also, besides dancing, writing has always been my way to clear my thoughts. 

This is my first post where I decided to sort of introduce myself and give you an idea of what can you expect. Like I said, I will write about everything and anything. I will share with you my thoughts on life, share my experience of travels, write about interesting people I meet. If you have any suggestions or requests, feel free to contact me! 🙂 

About me: 

As most of you probably know, my name is Nicole. I am mostly known for being a dancer , twerk teacher specifically 🙂  

I was born in Poland, 23rd of February, 1992. I have been dancing  almost my whole life, starting from gymnastics at 4 (acrobatics), ballet, modern jazz and cheerleading until I was 19. I couldn’t pursue a career as a gymnast due to a wrist injury at 12. I never felt like I belong in Poland and I always knew that I wanted to live somewhere else. At 19, I went to Italy to work as a dancer but I realised real quick that it is an exhausting job and I decided to go back to school. This is when I moved to the Netherlands and started to study physiotherapy but quickly I got distracted by dancing and pursued my dancing career here. I worked as an all-round dancer, performing at the parties , festivals, giving classes and then again I got tired of full time dancing which made me come back to school again,  this time English teaching training and Homeschool van Amsterdam. I always knew, I wanted to be a teacher, because I love (until now) sharing my knowledge with people and contribute to making them become a better version of themselves. I was doing real good and enjoyed studying, working as a dancer on a side but for some reason on my third year my career took off , I danced in many videoclips and it was too hard to combine it with working as a teacher. I decided to quit my studies at 3rd year ( I know, againnnn) and dance full time for few more years, thinking that dancing is something I can do and enjoy only when I am young and school is something you can do even when you’re older. I worked as a full-time dancer for 2 years, living my best life in Amsterdam, started giving first twerk class in Amsterdam and now finally I made a conscious decision of coming back to school (again :D), this time with the intention of finishing it. So now I study Communication and Information Studies at Vrije University in Amsterdam and I work as a dancer and I am loving it. The difference between now and the times I quit school before is that now I really enjoy my studies as it refers to my other interests (marketing, social media) but also I am older and learned to keep my dancing career and other things in balance. I focus mainly on giving classes and workshops, which gives me the most satisfaction and I do not work as much at night and dance in the videoclips anymore. 

As I said and most of you probably know, I give twerk class and next to it I also teach Dancehall and heels. Besides that , I am passionate about pole dance which I am about to pick up now after a year long break due to my crucial ligament injury (which I am going to tell you about in my other post:) . A lot of people ask me why I decided to teach and dance twerk. Well, long story short, I always could and enjoyed moving my hips pretty good (especially for a white girl I guess) and when the twerk hype started few years ago my friends asked me why I don’t give twerk class myself. At first I thought it was funny but once I moved to Amsterdam I knew that I have to come up with something new that doesn’t exist in Amsterdam yet, so I gave it a shot. I swear to God I had no idea how big this twerk business will become and how it will change my life. Within three years I started teaching multiple class, workshops all over Holland and abroad but most importantly, I noticed how much it changes women. I love to see how girls come for my lass pretty shy, out of their comfort zone and within few weeks they become more confident, free, fit and happier with themselves. 

Alright, I think this is enough information for the first post. 

I hope you enjoyed reading on my story a little, let me know if there is anything else you’d like to know or just let me know what you think. 



instagram: @nicole.cole.dancer